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As the USA distributors for all Sauberkugel products, you can purchase these products to resell here.  Products are available for resale on individually owned website and brick and mortar stores, not for reselling on Amazon or other large platforms.  

You can purchase items for wholesale on this website by doing the following.

First - Create an Account on our site at this page - Create an Account

Second - Email us at and ask to be added as a wholesale purchaser.  We will then email you back confirming that we did and letting you know minimum orders and discount amounts

You can also purchase Sauberkugel products through two wholesale platforms - Tundra and Faire - links below.  By utilizing these links you can save if you are new to the platforms 

Faire - Save $100 on first order and 1 year free shipping

Tundra - Save 15% on all orders first 30 days.

Please contact us with any questions.

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